1. Modern Trends in Planning and Designing of Hospitals Principles and Practice (with CD Rom)

Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant, R. Chandrashekhar, Sidhartha Satpathy

The book Modern Trends in Planning and Designing of Hospitals Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive and holistic view in planning and designing hospitals. The existing best practices, emerging trends/concepts such s integrated healthcare facilities, value added services, green hospitals, healing architecture, life enhancing designs, assisted living facilities, patient focused architecture and humanizing environment have all been incorporated. The book has chapters on planning and designing of clinical, administrative, supportive services and facilities including inpatient, ambulatory, therapeutic, diagnostic and logistic support departments. Plan types, functional requirements, materials used, intra and inter departmental relationships, way finding, interiors, aesthetics, design system, ventilation, air conditioning, water, environment, circulation, energy and space requirements have been deliberated. A chapter “Ready Reckoner” has been incorporated which will provide the reader ready access to comprehensive information related to planning and designing of hospitals.

2. Hospital Stores Management: An integrated Approach

Shakti Gupta, Sunil Kant

The only book available on the subject explores exhaustively and comprehensively stores management in healthcare institutions. It dwells on both micro and macro levels of material management from acquisition of stored to their disposition. The theoretical and practical aspects of the subject have been discussed in an integrated manner for ready reference and operative functionality. Emerging trends like automation in stores, ecommerce and stockless purchasing have been dealt with in depth. Latest guidelines and policies of central vigilance commission, DGHS and Import-Export have been incorporated. The provision and application of statutory enactments like The Arbitration and Reconciliation Act-1990 are also present.

3. Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Management: A Holistics Approach

Shakti Gupta, NK Parmar, Sunil Kant

The only comprehensive and integrated book on the subject written by eminent contributors from India and elsewhere including: Dr. Linda Allison Dr. Kathleen Clem Medical Director Division of Emergency Medicine Regions Hospital Duke University St. Paul, MN, U.S.A. North Carolina, U.S.A. Dr. Gary Green Prof C.James Holliman Department of Emergency Medicine Professor of Emergency Medicine John Hopkins University Pennsylvania State University Maryland, U.S.A. Hershey, PA, U.S.A. Presents a practical, pragmatic approach and holistic view of EMS and disaster management in a global context.

4. MCQS in Management and Hospital Administration

Shakti Gupta, Sunil Kant, Prashant Rampal

The only book pertaining to information, knowledge, assessment and reference. Contains approximately 7,000 original arranged chapterwise and subjectwise. an ideal companion and ready reckoner for Hospital and Healthcare administrators, consultants, Architects, engineers and post graduate entrants/ students/ examinees/examiners for the specialties of Hospital Health Administration, Community Health Administration, Preventive and Social Medicine, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Management, MBA and Operations Research.

5. Hospital Infection Control Guidelines: Principles and Practice

Sanjeev Singh, Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant

This book on Hospital Infection Control Guidelines: Principles and Practice aims to provide comprehensive, acceptable, implementable and effective guidelines on Infection Control in various healthcare facilities. The book deliberates on all aspects of infection control in healthcare facilities including prevention, processes, infrastructure and training. Analyses the existing guidelines on infection control and recommends micro- and macro-guidelines appropriate to healthcare facilities at various levels, i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary. The book which is a multi-author and multidisciplinary will be a ready-reckoner for administrators, clinicians, academicians and practitioners in healthcare facilities for policy-making, formulation of standard operative procedures, implementing techniques and processes for infection control.

6. Disease Outbreak Management: Hospital Administrators’ Perspective

Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant, Jitendra Kumar Sharma

The book is intended for hospital administrators, healthcare providers, medical superintendents and clinico-managerial executives for efficient management of outbreak response. It will be of immense benefit to healthcare institutions and hospitals in strengthening their capacity and assuring multifocal strategy while managing situations arising out of a disease outbreak. It will also aid policy-makers in enunciating/amending/augmenting operational and strategic policies related to disease outbreak management. This book provides comprehensive action plan and recent trends in management of disease outbreaks. Incorporates checklist for assessing preparedness status and facilitate capacity building for disease outbreak management. Discusses issues such as epidemic forecasting, epidemic intelligence, national and international regulations related to disease outbreaks.

7. Emergency Medical Service Systems: A Global Perspective

Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant, Angel Rajan Singh

The book will be a useful guide to the policy makers, administrators, clinicians, researchers and other stakeholders related to Emergency Medical Services. It will serve as a reference material for policy making, planning, establishing norms, formulating quantitative requirements, gap analysis, clinical protocols, research studies, historical perspectives, quality assurance, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) variables, operational and strategic imperatives related to Emergency Medical Services.

8. Hospital and Health Care Administration (Appraisal and Referral Treatise)

Shakti Gupta, Sunil Kant

The book encompasses the detailed chapters for verification of distribution, standardization, codification, condemnation and disposal of stock-outs from hospital stores. Preservation of stores pilferage stores documentation. Role of computers in stores management strategies for hospital equipment planning and selection hospital equipment. Utilization of hospital equipment repair and maintenance equipment audit productivity and hospital stores management arbitration legal and ethical aspects in materials management Import Export policy letter of credit import of goods, equipment. General considerations Import documentation and customs clearance on imported medical equipment. Procurement considerations continuous quality improvement in stores management recent trends in hospital stores management.