Medical Architecture


  1. History Of Architecture
  2. Hospital Architecture – Challenges in Expansion, Renovation and      Re-engineering for Hospital Administrators
  3. Architectural Building Construction in hospital
  4. Advanced Doors and Windows in hospital .
  5. R. C. C.  Construction  in hospital.
  6. Decorative Wall Finishing and Treatment in hospital.
  7. Structural Steel Construction in hospital.
  8. Patent Glazing in hospital.
  9. Floor and Roof Finishes in hospital.
  10. Water Supply in hospital
  11. Planning and layout of sanitary fittings in hospital.
  12. Drainage system for hospitals.
  13. Rain water disposal and roof drain & its uses in hospital.
  14. Sewers details of construction, inspection chambers, trap chambers & its uses in hospital.
  15. Sewage treatment plant in a hospital
  16. Septic tanks in hospital
  17. Electrical safety
  18. Electrical  Services  : General distribution of electric power in hospital.
  19. Electrical wiring system – different materials employed and methods of wiring.
  20. Different electrical gadgets and fittings.  Switch board, distribution board, mains, fuse, meter, circuit breaker etc.
  21. Earthing for electricity appliances & its uses in hospital.
  22. Electrical installations for services such as air-conditioning systems, lifts, escalators, pumps etc & its uses in hospital.
  23. Electrical safety
  24. Artificial lighting , design principles, illumination levels. Types of lamps and fittings used & its uses in hospital.
  25. Application of lighting system for hospital area
  26. Specification for basic building material required such as  bricks, stones, lime, cement, sand etc. including quality, storage, transportation, handling as per Indian Standard Specification as guidelines for minimum standards of specification & its uses in hospital.
  27. Painting on old and new surfaces in masonry, wood work and steel & its uses in hospital.
  28. Flooring .
  29. Working  drawing & Foundation Plan & its uses in hospital
  30. Introduction to landscape Architecture