Hospital Management


1.1. Introduction to Management

1.2. Human resource management

1.3. Operation management

1.4. Financial management

1.5. Materials management

1.6. Marketing management

1.7. Management of information systems


2.1. Development of health services in India

2.2. Health planning and health committees

2.3. National health policy

2.4. National health programs, NRHM, NUHM

2.5. Healthcare system in India

2.6. Health care systems in other countries.

2.7. Epidemiology

2.8. Biostatistics

2.9.Research methodology

2.10. Population dynamics & environment , national population policy.

2.11. Occupation health

2.12. Environment health

2.13. Health economics and financing including insurance

2.14. ICD

2.15. Medical informatics

2.16. Constitution of India and health

2.17. International health agencies

2.18. International health regulations

2.19. Health systems in developed and developing countries.

2.20. Public private partnership ( PPP) in healthcare

2.21. Medical ethics

2.22. Business ethics

2.23. Corporate social responsibility

2.24. E-health

2.25. Medical sociology

2.26. Health statistics & information system

2.27. Intellectual property rights

2.28 Health tourism



Hospital planning and project management issues

3.1.History , evolution & classification of hospitals

3.2. Role of hospitals

3.3.Hospital planning process including stand alone facilities.

3.4.Planning for teaching and non teaching hospitals incl PHCs, CHCs etc.

3.5.Planning and designing of specialized hospitals e.g. Cancer hospitals

3.6.Micro and macro planning aspects of various areas of hospital

3.7.Feasibility and viability study , technical, financial , market and demand analysis

3.8.Planning of hospital engineering

3.9.Safety issues in hospital planning : fire and radiation

3.10. Planning for disasters

3.11. Integrated building management system including intelligent building .

3.12.Legal requirement for planning and designing a hospital.

3.13.Design consideration including evidence based design and architect brief

3.14.Hospital project management including project report

3.15.Commissioning of hospital

3.16.Contractual management

3.17. Redevelopment, retrofitting and disruptive management

3.18. Green buildings

3.19. Energy management and audit

Hospital management issues

3.20.Role of hospital administration

3.21. Hospital organization structure: governing body, administrative organization, channel of authority.

3.22. Policies and office procedure

3.23. Challenges and strategic options for hospital administration

3.24.Corporate hospital and corporate culture

3.25.Recent trends in hospital management

3.26. Disaster management incl NDMA

3.27. Medico legal aspect of hospital

3.28. Human relations in hospitals

3.29. Hospital management info system

3.30. Hospital statistics and medical audit

3.31. Quality issues in hospital

3.32. Evaluation of hospital services including patient satisfaction

3.33. Safety management related issues

3.34. Patient safety : nosocomial infections and sentinel events.



4.1. Ambulatory and non ambulatory services

4.2.Diagnostic and therapeutic services

4.3.Support and utility services

4.4. Recent trends in management of hospital services

4.5. Basic specialty services

4.6. Super specialty services